Your Business 2.0

YB2 Studio.jpg

In our new Broadcast quality content production studio (fully sound proofed, 5 cameras, adjustable lighting, professional producer and editor) at Moonshots we are producing a weekly Business program – Your Business 2.0.

A MasterCast where the Masterclass and the PodCast intersect.


A replica of the many business shows – but with all the content about you and controlled by you.


This is the show for you if you want to establish yourself as an expert provider and thought leader. Talking with and learning from clients from specific industry sectors about their past, present situation and plans to leverage technology in growing their business.

In this episode we profile growing provider of technology products, services and strategies talking with their CEO and Seniotr Executives of some of their clients

We start with an informal chat with Loftus Technology (www.loftusit.com.au) CEO John Stronnar about his past present and future - helping his clients grow their businesses by leveraging Technology

We then chat one on one with 3 Loftus Clients 

Anthony  Paeche - Managing Director @ Beerenberg

Michael McDonald - Managing Director @ Weber  Australia/NZ


Melissa Hughes - Systems Accountant - Shaw + Smith

John Stronnar - CEO Loftus Technology


After some one on one chats we bring all the guests together -  And that's where the magic happens - At the Pointy end ...  We can listen and learn as they talk openly about the experiences and plans to grow there business in to the future

Its a Master Cast where the masterclass meets the podcast

The Cocoon Master Cast--- Coming Soon

In this episode we focus on the won derful work the Cocoon Group is doing in providing state of the art housing and care services for people living with Disabilities