The Presentation

DINNER 14.0 | 1/05

Stephen Yarwood 

In October we had as our special IITC Dinner guest the current Lord Mayor of Adelaide Sandy Verschoor.


Early this month we had the former Lord Mayor Martin Haese and we are delighted to announce that at our May 1st event we will have Lord Mayor 2010 - 2014 and Urban Futurist Stephen Yarwood telling us about his latest major International role....developing a $700 billion city of the future.

Stephen like to think big...find out just how big!

Passionate about cities, innovation and technology, Stephen is an Urban Futurist who explores preferred futures for communities and corporations by consulting on governance, leadership, strategic planning and urban development.

He is the founder of city2050; a consultancy specialising in long term strategic plans that recognise the social, environmental, economic and technological issues that are redefining the operating system of cities this century.

In an IITC exclusive He will announce details of his next big project when he outlines what Building a new city from scratch will look like.

Matthew Stead is the Founder and CEO of Ping Services and Resonate Consultants
and brings over 25 years of experience to the organisation and its clients; particularly in the areas of wind farms acoustics, environmental noise, low vibration design, building acoustics design and transportation noise.
He has helped found and grown numerous companies, new offices and joint ventures. The Ping Services business is the most recent startup firm and is looking to rapidly commercialise and scale the Ping Monitor as a global service.
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The Pitch

Up to 23 per cent  of wind turbine failures can be caused by blade damage, with up to 25–30% of wind farm operation costs spent on operation and maintenance.
Current damage detection options are limited and are used on an ad hoc basis at each turbine. New innovations on the market are now allowing wind farm operators to keep a closer eye on turbines while also reducing time and resources spent on monitoring.
One such solution is ping.monitor, which is an innovative acoustic solution and a world-first application of aero-acoustic analysis for wind turbine maintenance and repair. It represents an efficient and responsive monitoring system.

Dirk Beelen - Director at Dept Trade Tourism and Investment


Dirk is a Senior executive with a history of working in international blue chip corporations.

A people manager, skilled in crisis management, negotiation, business planning, operations management and industry development. Strong multi-lingual, solution driven, multi sector professional with a can do mentality.

He will be talking about:

The Joyce Review and the changes within government related to trade and investment

The next steps including stakeholder meetings to understand needs and wants

The current DTTI infrastructure and how overseas companies can benefit from that

How DTTI can help our companies to engage in overseas opportunities

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