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"Carter’s comedy is a defiant, often risqué and very irreverent FU to cancer. Titled The Ringmaster, he delivers a polished, often risqué poke at living with cancer, from the painful realisation his proctologist has fingers the size of pylons, being told he had the Big C (“what, chlamydia?’’) to his newfound resolve to taking control of his life and shaping his own destiny (hence “The Ringmaster”)."

​"But far from being a gloomy affair, Carter’s battle with the grim reaper is an upbeat, often self-deprecating tale of tenacity … with a few racy celebrity anecdotes thrown in for good measure (one daren’t repeat that other Wayne Carey yarn). The audience loved it. They loved Nick too."

"It's sooo cool to be Seventy! You never have to worry about dying Young."

-Supporting my Comedy Writer and Mentor Nick     Stevens at Adelaide Fringe Festival again Feb. 2021


Rick is a futurist and a realist, who  will show you why being 70 plus is the coolest time in your life and how he has turned not being good enough into an art-form.

Lets look at all the great things you might have missed out on in the 60s, 70s and 80s that are no longer acceptable, legal or definitely not politically correct. Find out why we put that hole in the Ozone Layer and warmed the planet up!


By day he helps businesses of the present understand the future and businesses of the future understand the present.


By night he takes audiences on a journey from the past into the now and beyond —- and as a 72 year old with a bad dose of cancer he is not all that concerned if his predictions don't come true anyway!!


From Corporate America to Cancer - from managing the stars of sports and media to shooting for the stars in the Space industry  Rick has stories to engage and entertain and along the way challenges the way you see ageing - by looking at today as the best time in your life.

My First support act at the 2020 fringe

The Ringmaster LIve at the Fringe 2021

The Ringmaster LIve at the Fringe 2021

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His set delivers well beyond expectations when you know he is only taking to the comedy stage for the first time.

Yes, he keeps his script with him on stage, but there is a masterful structure to many of his stories. Indeed, Carter rightfully earns many guffaws from the audience as he shares some eye popping stories about his proctologist and some of the celebrities he worked with back in his talent management days.

When he strays into his theories about alternative approaches to health and fighting cancer, he has been careful to be disarmingly self-deprecating and to not preach, thus keeping his audience on side and protecting himself from medical lawsuits!

Steve Davis - Arts Reviewer ABC Radio

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