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a person who gets the best from the people they work with to delight their customers and reward their stakeholders

I am rick carter

For more than 50 years I have worked with and for entrepreneurs and innovators building National and Multi-National Businesses and along the way coached, managed, and mentored Media Personalities, World Champion athletes, and Olympic Medalists.

After a lengthy career in Technology, Sales and Marketing, Media and Communications I am now helping people develop their Creativity and introduce Disruptive Innovation in their businesses... 

Having been diagnosed with a very advanced case of Prostate Cancer 18  months ago I am now proving Cancer can be prevented and reversed with a Body,  Mind, and Soul approach. Rather than resort to surgery and chemicals I am helping my body heal itself.

The ringmaster

I heard Rick speak at the Franchise conference in SA and he had me at -


"This is going to upset a few of you..." He was feisty, fast, full of challenges to the old-fashioned way of doing things (last year!), and very stimulating. I booked a personal session straight away because I know Mr. Carter knows that he knows. I need that."

Colin Pearce - Author and Aust Professional Speakers Hall of Fame Member

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The corporate comedian

In late 2019 successful comedian and comedy, a writer from Melbourne Nick Stevens suggested Comedy as a way to convey my cancer message.

At 70 and never having done stand-up comedy before I decided to have a go.

With the expert writing and coaching of Nick, we put together The Ringmaster and ran 6 shows over a month together at Moonshots.

With full houses and good reviews, a new career was born.

Want to watch the show and find out about my next show - An Astronaut mows my lawn??

Connect with me:

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